The feel-good movement programme for people with cancer

R3 restore | refresh | rebalance® is:

a unique 12-week movement programme specifically designed for people with cancer. Our medically endorsed R3 movement programme comprises various scientifically proven movement modalities to enable a positive, effective movement experience.

gender neutral and accommodates people on all levels of movement ability at any stage during their cancer wellness cycle.

a safe and highly beneficial way to continue moving the body in a small group environment with strong focus on individualised attention under careful instruction, facilitated by a licensed and registered R3 Trainer Companion.


  • Strengthens weakened muscles
  • Improves mobility in post-operative recovery
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Restores mind/body connection
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Promotes tissue massage
  • Reduces pain
  • Elevates mood


Ianthe Basson is a certified Pilates practitioner who has been in the professional movement industry since 1999. She has a rich, professional background in dance as well as Pilates and numerous certifications and accolades attest to her success. Over the years, she has fine-tuned her ability to really see the human body and view its incredible capability through movement. Now, she helps clients to feel stronger and better through movement. Ianthe currently works from her studio www.ianthebassonpilates.co.za in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Born into a family of specialist medical practitioners, Ianthe has an unstoppable desire and passion to assist and empower others on their various individual wellness journeys and this is where the concept of her new movement programme R3 restore | refresh | rebalance® has its origins.

32 years of movement experience   |   14 years of Pilates teaching   |   3 years of research   |   2 years of programme development
“I realised there was no specific movement programme for people with cancer. They get diagnosed with this disease, undergo surgery and various other invasive treatments and then what? Who is there to guide, assist and continue to motivate them to keep on moving once they’ve completed their post-operative rehabilitation? Our bodies were designed to move so we need to keep on moving! And that became my mission.”

Ianthe Basson



to share and spread this
movement programme across the world

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INSTRUCTOR COURSE R3 restore | refresh | rebalance® TRAINER COMPANION

R3® LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR R3 Trainer Companion® COURSE

When: Sunday 30 September 2018, 10am to 5pm
Where: Aspire Pilates, The Hague, Koninginnegracht 28, 2514 AB Den Haag, Netherlands
Cost: €155 excl VAT
Bookings and info: @aspire_pilates, @ianthebasson Facebook messenger/
DM: office@nobignames.com, ianthebasson@gmail.com

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076 136 9030


  • Present the R3 movement programme from your own private studio/wellness facility/medical practice
  • Expand your current client-service offerings
  • Join an evolving global movement
  • No special equipment required
  • Become part of an exclusive referral network
  • Gain a listing on the R3 website with all your contact details
  • The right to use the South African; European and US registered trademark of R3 restore | refresh | rebalance® and logo in your marketing and promotional material
  • Enjoy ongoing support and continued education throughout your R3 Trainer Companion journey

R3 restore | refresh | rebalance®

We care for our community, too, and feel it our social responsibility as an organisation to be involved in community outreach and assistance. We are currently integrating our R3 Movement Programme with various state and community hospitals in the Western Cape and soon, expanding our community commitment, nationally.


  • Mr G & Miss V.
    Feel so much better after the class, maybe even a little bit fabulous.
    Mr G & Miss V.
  • Leigh D.
    Energetic and revived.
    Leigh D.
  • Julie VZ.
    I feel fantastic.
    Julie VZ.
  • Steve L.
    More alive, more flexible, beneficial to my body.
    Steve L.
  • Susan VH.
    Baie beter na die klas.
    Susan VH.
  • Oscar R.
    Strong like a lion!
    Oscar R.
  • Julia B.
    I feel activated
    Julia B.
  • Annette AS.
    All my cobwebs in my body gone
    Annette AS.
  • Dave W.
    Feel so much better than when I walked in
    Dave W.

CLASSES: Tuesday 9am, Friday 9:30am

For more info, email us on info@restorerefreshrebalance.co.za or call or SMS us on 076 136 9030


2 Clarkia Street